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We’re fighting back against the devastating cuts being made in the UK’s cruise industry.

Webcast: The Travel Village's new homeworking initiative

Webcast: The Travel Village's new homeworking initiativeLucy Huxley speaks to chief executive Phil Nuttallhttps://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/384436/travel-village-group-launches-leads-toolkit-for-homeworkers

Posted by Travel Weekly UK on Monday, August 31, 2020

Our CEO, Phil, wants you to know:

We have three of the strongest and well known cruise brands in the UK which have always been a lead generated model. The Cruise Village, Southampton Cruise Centre and RiverCruising.co.uk all sit underneath the group umbrella and have seen significant growth over the last few years. However, I believe that in light of the raft of redundancies we have seen (and are continuing to see – not forgetting the many passionate cruise experts on furlough), in the cruise industry especially, my team and I can offer some hope (and something special!) for true cruise experts.

Backed by enhanced technology both front and back office and the new websites, we’re excited about a “Leads Toolkit” that we believe will attract people who are at present  either out of work or feeling stale in their current position.

Many cruisers have been frustrated over the last 5 months, with the lack of contact and care provided, compounded by their inability to speak to someone about their cruise. If you have your own database of cruisers, or have an appetite for a challenge to go out and find cruise clients, then our open door policy and history of customer care will give you a solid foundation to build on.

Aside from the option of taking a whistles & bells website tailored to your  customer profile, the unique opportunity is the ability to choose which brand you want to work under – The Cruise Village or the “Home of Cruising” in the UK, Southampton Cruise Centre. Either way, you are free to promote and sell any cruise or non cruise holiday under our ABTA number.
We are also keen to speak to any river cruise experts and explore unique opportunities here also.

Both of these brands will continue to generate leads and these will also be available in various forms to the cruise experts, so it really is a win win situation.
Richard Cross (formerly of Cunard) is taking the role of Sales & Commercial manager to support the home based agents in negotiating commercials and incentives that are tailored to the cruise experts customer database. The cruise experts will be encouraged to speak directly and form relationships with the cruise lines.
Phil says

I cannot sit back and a) work a model that is simply not there any more and b) watch talented people become disillusioned and falling out of love with this incredible industry. Not on my watch!!!

For more details please contact Richard:
0330 880 7784
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Our business has a track record of looking after people. My wife Paula continues to expand the Holiday Village with some incredibly talented travel experts; so there is no reason why we cannot build a network of incredibly talented and passionate cruise experts.
The cruise industry is currently in a state of flux and I think that is exciting because we don’t know what is round the corner. As more details are slowly released about cruising returning and we hear the experiences of guests who return from cruises with MSC Cruises and some of the river cruise lines, confidence will start to grow. And, with that, so will the appetite to book a cruise holiday. Trust me, there is a lot of pent up frustration out there and I, for one, believe in the cruise industry. Knock me down if you like, but I promise you I will get back up again and again and again…

We look forward to hearing from you.

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