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Choosing the Best Side of a Cruise Ship

Choosing the Best Side of a Cruise Ship

One of the decisions to make when booking a cruise is selecting the ideal cabin, including which is the best side of the cruise ship to choose. While there isn’t a definitive “best” side of a cruise ship, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each side can help you make an informed decision.

Explore the pros and cons of each side of a cruise ship, allowing you to choose the option that suits your preferences.

Port Side

The port side of a cruise ship refers to the left-hand side when facing forward (towards the bow). Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a cabin on the port side:

  1. Scenic Views: Depending on the itinerary, the port side may offer captivating views during certain ports of call. If your itinerary primarily includes ports on the port side, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking vistas directly from your cabin or the ship’s public areas.
  2. Sun Exposure: On some itineraries, the port side can benefit from more shade during the day. If you prefer to avoid direct sunlight and enjoy a cooler ambiance on your balcony, the port side might be a better choice.
  3. Docking Position: When the ship docks at ports, the view from the port side cabins can vary. Sometimes, the port side will face the land, providing a view of the port facilities, while other times, it may face the open sea or other ships. It’s essential to consider whether the visual aspect of the docking process is of interest to you.

Starboard Side

The starboard side of a cruise ship is the right-hand side when facing forward. Let’s explore some factors associated with choosing a cabin on the starboard side:

  1. Sunrise and Sunset Views: Depending on the direction of your itinerary, the starboard side can offer spectacular views of both sunrise and sunset. Imagine waking up to a glorious sunrise or savoring the mesmerising hues of a sunset from the comfort of your cabin or balcony.
  2. Panoramic Ocean Views: If your itinerary predominantly features days at sea or cruising along beautiful coastlines, the starboard side can provide an uninterrupted view of the vast expanse of the ocean. The absence of land on this side can create a sense of serenity and connection with the sea.
  3. Distant Landscapes: When the ship approaches ports or passes by scenic locations, the starboard side may provide distant views of picturesque landscapes. It’s important to research your specific itinerary to determine if the starboard side aligns with your desired sights.

Additional Factors to Consider

  1. Ship’s Design: Not all cruise ships are identical, and their layout can impact the views from each side. Research the ship’s design and consult deck plans to understand if there are any potential obstructions, such as lifeboats or overhangs, which could limit your view from specific cabins.
  2. Personal Preferences: Ultimately, your choice of cabin side depends on your personal preferences and priorities. Some passengers prioritise privacy and quiet, opting for cabins located away from public areas. Others may prioritise convenience, selecting cabins close to elevators and amenities. Consider what matters most to you in terms of location and convenience.

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