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Luxury Northern Lights Cruises

Luxury Northern Lights Cruises

Embark on the experience of a lifetime with a luxury Northern Lights cruise. Sailing the beautiful, snow-topped landscape of magical Norway on the hunt for the mystical Aurora Borealis. 

Whether you believe the Northern Lights are souls of the dead dancing in the sky, like the Sámi people, or Nordic gods celebrating in Valhalla, this amazing phenomenon is definitely one to tick off your bucket list!

The Northern Lights are a naturally occurring spectacle of brilliantly coloured waves of light that appear high above you in the night sky. Although they may look like the reflection of the Valkyrie’s armour clashing in battle, the colourful glow is caused by electrically charged particles, high in energy from the Sun, entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The high-impact entrance creates a transfer of energy that agitates the molecules, causing them to release light. 

It is widely agreed that the Aurora Borealis are best viewed as close to the Arctic Circle as possible, under a pitch-black sky. Voyage to countries within the Northern Lights Oval to enjoy the show of light with front row seats and unobstructed views. 

A cruise to the Northern Lights offers unmatched opportunities to spot the natural wonder of the world. Out at sea, far away from the bright lights of any urban city, promises complete darkness. The perfect backdrop for a viewing of the breathtaking Aurora Borealis. Sail over a vast expanse of Arctic waters and fjords to access exclusive viewpoints with uninterrupted visibility. 

Stellar Moments…During The Day!

While the Northern Lights are the main attraction of this amazing experience, there’s so much to see and do. Watch the glittering snowscape unfold on a reindeer ride, climb the stone steps of the Sherpa Staircase or ride a cable car up Mount Storsteinen. Whatever the weather, indoors or outdoors, there is an adventure for everyone!

Discover the history of Stavanger and its medieval architecture or let folk music move you at a Midnight Concert in Tromsø’s Arctic Cathedral. Sled through the beautiful Nordic winter landscape with huskies before retreating to the warmth of your Ice Dome for a truly magical overnight stay. Explore the awe-inspiring glaciers at Hardangervidda National Park, the setting for the ice planet of Hoth in Star Wars Episode V.

Top tip: Your chance of seeing the Northern Lights increases as activity on the sun grows, reaching a climax also known as sunspot or solar maximum, before falling again. This occurs over an 11-year cycle, and the good news is that we are currently heading towards another pinnacle!

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Our experts say

I had a wonderful time on a Northern Lights cruise, and was lucky enough to see dazzling Aurora Borealis for myself! The colours in the skies in the Arctic Circle were stunning. I also visited a Husky farm, and learnt all about how they train them to race.

  • Dawn Wootton – Customer Care Team

Best Time To Visit the Northern Lights

Between September – April can be the best time to ensure sightings of the wonder. While summer holidays have an obvious appeal, the journey to this winter wonderland is more than worth wrapping up for! Winter months bring more likelihood of seeing the lights as the days are shorter. 

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