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Where Is Hot In December?

Where Is Hot In December?

As winter tightens its grip on Europe, chasing the sun often means embarking on longer journeys. Indeed, there are places closer to home that maintain a pleasant temperature of around 20°C, but the winter season offers a compelling excuse for an extended escape, where a substantial and sustained infusion of vitamin D seems almost medically recommended. This December, vibrant cities in Africa and Australia will burst into life as their long-awaited summers arrive. Simultaneously, tropical islands and lesser-known corners of the world will reach their zenith of warmth and allure. Below, we’ve curated a list of destinations that promise warmth and sunshine with cruises in December. If you’re seeking more travel inspiration, don’t miss our guide to the finest winter sun getaways.



In December, this Middle Eastern desert metropolis offers a stark contrast to the chilly climate of England. While Dubai boasts its glittering persona with mega-malls and skyscraper hotels adorned in festive lights and towering Christmas trees, it also harbours a more relaxed side. The cultural enclave of Alserkal Avenue beckons as a haven from the heat, featuring arthouse cinemas and independent galleries where you can immerse yourself in a different world.

Dubai Cruises In December

Lanzarote, Canary Islands


Lanzarote, situated off the western coast of Africa, maintains a relatively temperate climate even in December, making it an inviting destination. To escape the throngs of package tourists, consider venturing to the exquisite Papagayo Beach with its pristine white sands on the island’s southern tip or indulge in world-class surfing adventures in the northwest at Famara.

In fact, the island has more secrets to unveil the farther you wander from the typical tourist haunts. There’s the surreal wonder of the Jardín de Cactus in Guatiza, an amphitheater of otherworldly succulents. Or you can explore the stark and captivating Timanfaya National Park, a volcanic wilderness that famously graced the screen in the 1966 film “One Million Years BC.”

Canary Islands Cruises in December

Bahamas, Caribbean


It’s high season in the Bahamas, and while this means bustling beaches, it also guarantees ideal weather. Venture to Harbour Island, a slender strip of land measuring three miles in length and one and a half miles in width, boasting breathtaking stretches of pink-sand beaches. You’ll always find enough sunbeds to go around.

Caribbean Cruises in December

Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is an enticing destination, but it truly comes into its own in December. This is when the South African summer comes to life, painting the beaches and vineyards with vibrant colours. The sight of sunbathers against the dramatic backdrop of rugged mountains is enough to dispel any winter blues in an instant. And just when you think Cape Town couldn’t get any more appealing with its natural beauty, there’s a thriving art and design scenes, and world-class cuisine.

African Cruises in December

Auckland, New Zealand


Much like the leisurely pace of a “low-and-slow” New Zealand drawl, Auckland is a sprawling and picturesque city that rarely rushes. Perhaps this unhurried attitude is a natural consequence of being surrounded by nature at every turn – from rainforest-draped hills to the shimmering Hauraki Gulf. To fully embrace the Kiwi lifestyle, hop on a ferry for a short trip to the nearby Waiheke Island, where sandy beaches and vineyard wine tastings await, ready to convert you to the charms of New Zealand living.

New Zealand Cruises in December

Koh Samui, Thailand


Wellness has firmly taken root on the island of Koh Samui, offering yoga studios, health retreats, and even monk-guided mentoring for those seeking profound personal transformation. However, if your goal is simply an authentic and idyllic tropical escape, Panacea stands out.

Thailand Cruises in December

Melbourne, Australia


Come December, Melbourne’s summery temperatures make it an ideal time to delve into the city’s cherished laneways. These narrow passages are teeming with street art, galleries, restaurants, and bars, setting trends rather than following them. It’s where a simple cup of coffee delivers both a robust caffeine kick and global acclaim.

In Australia’s ever-vibrant second city, there’s a perpetual abundance of new and wondrous places to discover. Presently, the spotlight is on Di Stasio Città, a Brutalist Italian restaurant on Spring Street. Here, diners savor exquisite crab capellini within a concrete-bunker-like setting, while video installations dance across the walls, creating a truly unique dining experience.

Australian Cruises in December

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