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Scenic Eclipse II Yacht Cruise Ship takes delivery of Submarine Scenic Neptune II

Scenic Eclipse II Yacht Cruise Ship takes delivery of Submarine Scenic Neptune II

Ultra-luxury yacht, Scenic Eclipse II, has taken delivery of its own submarine, Scenic Neptune II. Guests will now be able to discover unique submersible experiences^ whilst on their luxury cruise adventure, in addition to flights of fancy in the ship’s helicopter^!

A Submarine Like No Other

Scenic Neptune isn’t just your average submersible, it can accommodate up to six passengers, diving to depths of 300 metres. What sets this apart is its innovative design, featuring acrylic spheres that seamlessly blend with the underwater world. Equipped with climate control, surround sound, and spacious interiors, comfort meets cutting-edge technology in this underwater marvel.

A Visionary Collaboration

Behind Scenic Neptune’s groundbreaking design is a collaboration between Scenic and Triton Submarines. Together, they’ve pushed the boundaries of exploration, with panoramic views and immersive experiences.

Jason Flesher, Scenic director of Discovery operations, said:

Our collaboration with Triton Submarines on the custom design of our new submersible reflects our commitment to continuous innovation and leading the way in ultra-luxury yacht cruising.

Featuring 270-degree panoramic views and diving up to 100 metres below the surface, Scenic Neptune II has been designed to provide an immersive underwater experience that will give guests the feeling of seamlessly merging with the wonders of the ocean. The clarity of the acrylic hull once submerged is such that you feel at one with the water. Encountering the vibrant marine life of the South Pacific and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef within Scenic Neptune II will create memories to last a lifetime, added Flesher.

Scenic Neptune isn’t just a submarine; it’s a testament to human ingenuity and curiosity. With every dive, they uncover the mysteries of the deep in ways never thought possible. As they continue to chart new waters and embark on new adventures, the journey is only just beginning.

A Journey into the Unknown

From the icy waters of Antarctica to the rugged coastlines of Australia and the pristine waters of New Zealand, every voyage promises new underwater adventures across the globe.

A team of experts lead the way, informing and guiding guests through the wonders upon them. Giving the guests insights into the world of the ocean.

Led by expert pilots and equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, every dive is a testament to innovation and exploration.

Patrick Lahey, President and Co-Founder, Triton Submarines, said: 

At Triton Submarines, one of our key goals is to progress the development of safe, certified civilian submersibles in many different directions, and we could not achieve this without the support and collaboration of truly visionary clients like Scenic. We sincerely thank them for their confidence in Triton to deliver the highly innovative new Triton 660/9 AVA, which undoubtedly represents a paradigm shift in how cruise guests experience and engage with the ocean.

Embracing the Extraordinary

With the world’s first commercial night dive, guests witnessed nature’s rarest wonders in the darkened depths of the ocean. From the vibrant marine life of the South Pacific to the elusive creatures of Huatulco, Scenic Neptune offers a glimpse into a world few have seen.

Jason Flesher, Scenic director of Discovery operations, said:

We were given rare permission to undertake the night dive, so we wanted to push the boundaries and grab the opportunity to surprise and delight our guests. During the trip these animals pass through zones of ocean where the conditions are wildly different. At 1,000 feet the water is roughly 39F (4°C), which is way colder than near the surface, and the pressure is about 460psi (pound per square inch), more than 30 times what it is up top.


An All-Inclusive Experience

Scenic Eclipse isn’t just about underwater exploration; it’s a haven of luxury on the high seas. Boasting 114 verandah suites, 10 dining options, and a 550-square-metre spa, every aspect of the voyage exudes opulence.

Luxury knows no bounds. through all-inclusive voyages, guests can leave their worries behind and focus on enjoying themselves. From dining experiences to premium beverages, every aspect of the journey is taken care of. With Scenic Neptune leading the way, guests can embark on a voyage of discovery that transcends the ordinary.

To start planning your own luxury cruise, call our Experts on 0800 810 8481 or start your Scenic Eclipse search here.

Take a look at our YouTube video to learn more about Scenic Neptune

^Experiences on board the two helicopters and submersibles are at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions. Helicopters and submersible may not be possible in various regions. 

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