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Travel Village Group Work With Give A Vaccine Project

Travel Village Group Work With Give A Vaccine Project

20 December 2021 – How we’re working to give you more

Travel. We love it. You love it. We all want to do more of it. So the Travel Village Group will be working to support Give a Vaccine project.

With nearly 2 years of travel plans postponed/hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important for us here to work towards getting the worldwide travel industry back on its feet, and getting back to exploring our beautiful planet.

And, rather than just getting our jabs (and boosters!), waiting for green lights, reacting to our destinations’ government entry rules; we thought we’d see if there was anything more we could do as a travel agency.

We asked our clients earlier in December whether the charitable and sustainability efforts of a business were important to them when making a decision on booking a holiday.
Over 80% of you told us that this was important to you.
And that makes it even more important to us.

So, from right now, for every booking that you make with us at the Travel Village Group we’ll be donating a percentage to Give a Vaccine; with the aim to donate £15,000.
After all, it makes sense for our family business to support a charity that helps the world get vaccinated and become open to you.

In the UK we’re incredibly lucky to have the National Health Service, through which we’ve all had the opportunity to receive our vaccinations against Covid-19, and now a booster too. This actually highlights us as one of the richer nations worldwide.
Some nations, including some popular travel destinations, are not so lucky. It is those countries that Give a Vaccine endeavours to help.

Give a Vaccine’s campaign is simple:

If you, in a wealthy country, receive a vaccine through your state or health service then could you give the cost to someone in less privileged circumstances? Effectively you give a vaccine for a vaccine received. Hence Give a Vaccine.

They estimate the average price for a vaccine is around £15. Some cost more and some less. The project will ensure that the money is used for vaccinations in areas of the world that are simply not going to get vaccinated any time soon, without our help. Without us working together.

The first project is in Lebanon, and is now underway. The second will be in Guinea, where only 10% of the population have received a first dose of the vaccine.

The world is in your hands so please give a vaccine to someone in need in return for a vaccine received.

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