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Luxury Arctic Cruises

Luxury Arctic Cruises

Japan may be one of the world’s most colourful countries. Our luxury Japan cruises let you discover a nation with a rich cultural history transformed into one of the largest driving forces behind technological development. The country has groundbreaking metropolises juxtaposing untouched natural scenery that blend effortlessly together. 

Many cruises around Japan begin in Tokyo where you can visit historic temples like the Sensō-ji. This is the oldest and most visited temple in the city and is the perfect place for tourists looking to dress in a traditional kimono. The grounds are home to Tanukis, Japanese racoon dogs thought to bring good luck and protect homes. Japan is well-known for its traditional characters from Geisha girls and Sumo wrestlers to Samurai warriors and Ninjas. These are iconic symbols of Japanese culture that are instantly recognisable around the world. 

Step away from the dazzling lights and bustling night markets of Tokyo to discover a diverse land of vast mountain ranges, forests and waterfalls. Explore the curved nagare-zukuri style of architecture in Kyoto or the highest mountain in the country, Mount Fuji, the snow-capped symbol of Japan. The sophisticated railways mean there is a limitless option of where to venture. Take a day trip to Nagano to Snow Monkey Park, saunter around the Samurai villages of Kanazawa or the ancient wooden castle of Kochi. 

Foodie Heaven

A cruise to Japan is great for foodies, it is well known for a variety of flavours and local delicacies. While sushi and sake are quintessential, Japan is home to Wagyu cattle and Yakitori alongside being able to turn tofu, ramen and udon into a Michelin star worthy meal. Japanese cuisine is meant to tantalise your taste buds. Try the heat of wasabi, the zestiness of Yuzu, the meatiness of the shitake mushroom, or the infusion of ginger. A visit to Japan isn’t complete until you’ve been to a tea ceremony, a cultural activity popular in Kyoto. It involves the ceremonial preparation of matcha, a powdered green tea. 

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Best Time To Visit The Arctic

One of the most common draws for tourists to Japan is the cherry blossom. A kaleidoscope of pink washes over Japan in the spring season from mid-March to early May. The blossom generally starts in the South, such as Kagoshima, and the season then moves North past Tokyo up to Sapporo. 

Having said this, the autumn foliage season is just as impressive as cherry blossoms. Silversea and Viking cruises can take you to see Japan’s forests become a vibrant vista of red, orange and yellow. General tourism is quieter than the spring but the temperature is still warm. 

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