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The Explora Journeys Experience On New Ship EXPLORA I

The Explora Journeys Experience On New Ship EXPLORA I

Have you heard about the newest “cruise line” to enter the luxury market?

Explora Journeys

On 30th July 2023, John, had the incredible opportunity to step aboard the revolutionary ship EXPLORA I – the first of six luxury ships planned for the fleet – to experience her exquisite features on a pre-maiden voyage. Guests were invited to set sail from Portsmouth to Copenhagen and discover the Ocean State of Mind – Explora Journey’s guiding principle in transforming luxury cruising into transcendent ocean journeys.

Blending the best elements of a luxury hotel and a super-yacht, EXPLORA I introduced John to something unexpected and unparalleled – compared to any other luxury ship of her size – breathtaking ocean views from every vantage point.

Upon stepping aboard the luxurious cruise ship, one was immediately enveloped in an ambiance of unparalleled opulence and indulgence. The vessel’s grandeur evoked the essence of a 6-star hotel, with every detail meticulously fashioned for comfort and elegance. Exclusive boutique shops graced the corridors, showcasing prestigious brands like Rolex, Le Jardin Retrouve, Bottega Cotticelli, and Borsalino — just a fraction of the 30 B Corp-certified partner luxury brands on board. The presence of these high-end establishments added a layer of sophistication, inviting passengers to indulge in the finest offerings.
An exquisite bar overlooked by a Steinway grand piano and a striking glass staircase further enhanced the ship’s luxurious ambiance.
This first impression hinted at a voyage that would redefine our views of lavishness upon the open sea.

Whilst the ships will certainly sit within our luxury voyages range, Explora Journeys aim to offer an experience at sea that focuses on cultural immersion, physical and mental wellbeing & fitness, and fine dining.

Imagine you’re taking a holiday at one of the finest wellness retreats in the world. You’ll forget you’re aboard a ship. The only reminder will be the new destination or the expansive ocean view that you wake to each day. Discover the Ocean State of Mind.

Space To Breathe

At just shy of 64000 GRT EXPLORA I might look like a fairly large ship from the exterior; but with only 461 oceanfront suites available you can imagine the sense of space onboard. Mainstream cruise ships of her size would normally carry around 1900 passengers, yet Explora Journeys limit capacity to half of that. And then there’s the attention to guest care… with a host to guest ratio of 1:1.25 you can be assured that, on any voyage, you’ll discover just how good “relaxed luxury” has come to be.

The gorgeous suites all have private terraces that are among the largest we’ve seen – especially for the entry level grades. All suites feature large floor-to-ceiling windows, spacious walk-in closets and elegant furnishings – space to make you feel at home, at sea.

Our Ocean Serenity Residence Suite, was incredible! Complete with a balcony jacuzzi and gym equipment, floor-to-ceiling windows, a separate lounge, Dyson hairdryer-equipped walk-in wardrobe, automatic bedside foot-lights, heated bathroom floors, Frette linen, and a walk-in shower, these rooms exude luxury!

Body & Mind

If holistic wellness & fitness is important to you, then you can be assured that Explora Journeys take it just as seriously. With wellness areas taking up over 7,500ft2 of the floating resort, and 2900ft2 dedicated to fitness, the opportunities for reaching your zen are boundless. From spinning on the deck – accompanied by the ocean breeze – to 5 offerings of alternative yoga classes, or sensory journeys and rejuvenating experiences in the spa.

As we set sail from Portsmouth, waved off by onlookers taking in the sight of the new ship, we chose to relish the sail from the comfort of outdoor spinning bikes. Can you believe that whilst you work towards your fitness on the bikes, you’re actually playfully contributing to the ship’s power?!

We spent the afternoon relaxing, making use of the gorgeous infinity pool. There are four (yes, four) heated swimming pools aboard, including an indoor one with a retractable glass roof – so no matter the weather, you can enjoy the serene relaxation spaces onboard.

During the cruise, we also made use of the well-equipped gym and, despite the rain, we enjoyed the outdoor basketball court and pickleball on the upper deck.

A Culinary Journey

There are nine inclusive dining experiences onboard, that deliver you healthy, delicious food from local, sustainable sources. From the refined elegance of Fil Rouge, a French bistro offering inspired cuisine, to the lively fusion of Asian flavours at Sakura, European steaks at Marble & Co, Mediterranean delights at Med Yacht Club, all-day dining at Emporium Market Place. Plus, there’s an incredible one-of-a-kind culinary experience at Anthology, where you can pay a supplement to enjoy menus curated by the world’s most celebrated chefs and pairing by illustrious winemakers.

It would have been impossible to dine at all of the ship’s six restaurants, each a culinary gem in its own right, but I can say that had an unparalleled gastronomic experience!

The pinnacle meal was the tasting menu by renowned chef Mauro Uliassi at Anthology. Genuinely a whole new experience.

Each course paired with an excellent wine or champagne. The first 6 dishes were fish-based, so if you don’t like fish this one isn’t for you. I was particularly impressed with the Amuse-Bouche cuttlefish tagliatelle, with Calvisius Osccietra caviar and the Raw Red Shrimp with mandarin extract, pineapple and sage flowers. The Tuna all Puttanesca & the Pasta and Tomato a la Hilde in an infusion of fig leaves didn’t disappoint either, but the Marinara Marrowbone (codfish tripe with celery seeds was not for me).

The array of dining options transformed the cruise into a culinary voyage within a voyage.

And, not to be overlooked, the afternoon tea at the Explora Lounge featured delightful fresh scones and tasty bites, complemented by a delightful single French malt whisky!

After dinner entertainment is also a unique offering. Say hello to memorable moments, such as music by candlelight in one of ten bars and lounges.

Amidst the ship’s myriad entertainment venues there were curated performances, a casino, art gallery, and I think I mentioned the amazing shopping experiences… However you choose to be entertained, EXPLORA I has options in abundance! The allure of live music across various ship spaces after dinner was a highlight. This allows guests to enjoy the theatre atmosphere at their leisure, rather than at set show times.

Whilst the ship truly offers features, venues and opportunities to disconnect from the stresses of modern-day living, Explora Journeys are mindful of the fact that there are still many travellers that feel more comfortable with the option to remain connected.

The ship is truly a bloggers paradise. But often I have sailed on ships where the WiFi lets you down, right at the moment when you want to share your surroundings with the rest of the world. And there have been many moments where I’ve needed to join a meeting by video call, and had to deal with spotty connections. Not so on EXPLORA I.
Explora Journeys have opted to use Spacex Starlink, one of the most reliable networks on the seas. Call me sad but I couldn’t resist doing a speed test! I have to say that I was impressed with the 138mbps download speed and 23.5 mbps upload speed right in the middle of the North Sea. WOW!


It certainly seems like John got to experience plenty during his short time onboard…

While cruise itineraries often sway my decision, this time the ship itself promised an unforgettable and unique experience. Consider the added splendour our journey could have held with the inclusion of captivating bespoke excursions.

The Environmental Icing On The Cake

At the Cruise Village we are passionate about sustainability and we’re in awe at the sustainable initiatives Explora Journeys are delivering. Offering hybrid-ready energy solutions & zero single-plastic used onboard and onshore are just a few of the features of EXPLORA 1; enabling them to reduce environmental impact and leave a positive impression. You can read more about EXPLORA’s sustainability initiatives here.

If you’d like to start planning your trip with Explora Journeys, please speak to one of our luxury cruise experts on 0800 810 8481, or start your search here.

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